Healing Crystals and Metaphysical Gifts for Health

153483902We’re lucky to live in a time when we have access to so many different crystals. You can imagine how thousands of years ago, even a hundred years ago, how hard it must have been to track down the healing crystals needed. The explosion of the variety of crystals available to everyone in recent years has made tracking down the crystals you need for your meditations easier than ever.

But, on the crystal’s journey to the shop, it might encounter a lot of negative energy. There are a lot of businesses out there selling healing crystals and jewelry with crystals that aren’t exactly the most ethically-run companies. Even if people hold the crystals and have tumultuous and troubled thoughts at the time, they can pick up. You would think having large amounts of energy-rich crystals around would change their dubious ways, but that’s not the case. Instead the crystals, jewelry and gifts pick up large amounts of negative energy. This can weaken or outright negate the power of the crystals.

There are many places, like Turiya’s Gifts of Salt Lake City that are run with pure hearts and positive energy. Just like the negative energy can have a negative impact on the metaphysical gifts offered, positive energy can have a boosting effect. Imagine the deep reservoir of spiritual power that lays within an item that has been around such positive energy for so long.

If you do happen to acquire a crystal that has negative energy, or just doesn’t feel like it’s as powerful as it should, there are several ways to clear it out.

Smudging – Burn some sage smudging sticks and move the crystal back and forth through the smoke. This might need to be repeated several times to ensure cleansing.

Moonlight – Place the crystals in the moonlight of the full to new moon.

Burying in the earth – Dig a hole the size and shape of your crystal. Then place the crystal in the hole ,point down, and cover with soil. Leave the crystal in the earth for about a day. You can adjust that to your own needs. It’s a good idea to place a popsicle stick in the earth to mark where it’s buried so that you don’t lose track of it. This is especially helpful if you feel deep cleansing is necessary.

Sea salt – Sea salt is one of the oldest and most powerful healing methods. To clear your crystals with sea salt, you can use either a salt and water solution or dry salt. The dry method is best for crystal jewelry but can be used for solitary stones, too. To use the water method, mix a tablespoon of sea salt in a cup of water into a ceramic, not metal or plastic, container. Leave overnight in the solution. To use the dry method, put enough salt into a glass or ceramic container that you can bury the crystal in it, point down and leave overnight at least.

You should have no trouble clearing any negative energy from your crystals with these methods. It is also a good idea to cleanse your crystals after a deep healing session.

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