Natural Magnetic Therapy

138283039Since the time of the ancients, there has been a recognized force beyond the five senses that lay within lodestones. Their ability to attract other objects and to pull other stones to them was an object of both curiosity and alchemical pursuits.

As is the case with many objects with curious properties not understood, their power was assigned to the magical realm. And indeed, their first uses were of a magical nature and a practical nature. Alchemists poured over the properties of the stone and ingenious people soon found a use for the stone beyond the mystical.

The fist compasses used lodestones suspended in water, so that they could turn freely to point north, to guide mariners across waters that were once inaccessible. Little else has been as instrumental in the spread of knowledge and wisdom as that of the humble magnet.

The magnet has gained acceptance throughout many cultures and all of them have found uses for them. A common thread among them, aside from navigation, is the application of magnets for their healing and medicinal properties.

Long used throughout history, magnets have been applied to the human body in one form or another to aid in healing. The attraction of iron has made them useful in pulling blood into wounds or areas of the body that need to be healed.

As we all know, our blood contains an iron-based oxygen transport molecule known as hemoglobin. Through the application of magnets, their ability to attract iron is used to “pull” the blood into those areas of the body that need more nourishment and healing.

In their naturally-occurring state, magnets are found as the aptly named mineral, magnetite. This is the mineral that lodestones are made from and the form that protective talismans and amulets have been made from since first being discovered.

But what if you’re wanting something that possesses more power than magnetite can provide? Auralite crystals which are 1.2 billion years old contain such an immense number of elements and minerals that their abilities are far beyond that of what the lodestone can provide on its own.

Auralite crystals are the true heavyweights of the magnetite-containing crystals. Hand-mined in Canada with the utmost respect for Mother Earth, the power and vastness contained within them is breathtaking. If you’ve been using magnetite in your practice and rituals, or in your amulets and talismans, consider changing the crystal element to the magnetite-containing auralite and feel the ancient wisdom of them!






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