Gallery: Peaceful Giethoorn, Netherlands

Check Out The Peaceful Retreat of Giethoorn, Netherlands:

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Giethoorn Netherlands Travel Photo Gallery

A lush green paradise of Northern Europe in the warmer months, and a winter wonderland during the colder season, Giethoorn, Netherlands is a community that prides itself on its seclusion and interesting takes on daily life. Giethoorn is a magnet for those that have a strong urge for hedonistic relaxation, cultural sovereignty, and for those who want to live life in their own way, without giving in to many of the cultural standards of the surrounding European areas.

Giethoorn Netherlands Map International Bellhop

Often called the “Venice of the North” and “Venice of the Netherlands,” Giethoorn is made up of a series of canals that were created by the harvesting of peat moss from the swampy marshlands of the area. The land was first settled by fugitives from the Mediterranean region in around 1230 A.D., and the descendents kept pretty-much to themselves throughout most of history, never drawing too much attention to their beloved and…

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