Let’s Be Prepared For Spring Cleaning! Starting With Your HVAC System

Spring has arrived and along with it chores like washing windows and floors, putting away the winter linen etc. However, you should remember that summertime is fast approaching. Have you included your air conditioning unit in your spring cleaning list? Cleaning it during the spring season ensures that it cools and dehumidifies your room during the hot season. Performing this task lowers your power bills and prolongs the life of your air conditioner too.


Check the filters of your air conditioning unit once a month and replace them if required. HEPA (high efficient particulate air) filters cost more than fiberglass filters. However, the latter hardly lasts for a month whereas the former works efficiently up to six months. Apart from this, you can clean HEPA filters with a vacuum nozzle.

The Plug

Apart from cooling the temperature inside your room, the air conditioning unit removes humidity from the air as well. It deposits this water in a pan from which it drains out via a plug. The location of the plug depends on the type of air conditioning unit. On large models, the plug is located in the bottom of the pan, underneath the evaporator fins. However, this plug is located on the side, and slightly above the base of the pan in window air conditioners. The water drains when it reaches the level of the plug. Check the pan. If you find water accumulated on it, you will have to unclog its drain plug.

Drain Hole

Check the drain hole for signs of clogging. Once confirmed, remove all visible debris. Next, push a thin, long wire inside the plug and move it forwards and backwards for several times until water starts flowing out of the pan. You should also use a carpenter’s level to examine the mounting of the unit. If required, tilt it slightly so that the area where the drain hole slopes slightly downwards. This causes water to move towards the plug and drain through it.

Completing the above mentioned processes should not take more than a few hours. Do not forget to include cleaning the filters and drain plug of your air conditioning in your list of spring cleaning chores.

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