Here is How You Can Recycle Air Conditioning Water For Your Garden


Air conditioning systems generate condensate that is unfortunately never put to good use. In fact, most of this condensate ends up in the sewerage system. The good news is you can recycle this water and use to wash your car, flush the toilet, or water your garden. Keep reading to learn how to recycle air conditioner water.

How Condensate Forms

Air conditioning systems work by sucking air from the environment. Take note this air is usually warm and humid. It is then channeled to an air conditioner’s refrigerated coils for cooling. At this point, water vapor in the humid air turns into liquid that is drained away. In a day, an air conditioner could generate anywhere from 5 to 20 gallons of condensate, which translates to thousands of gallons of water in a year.

Recycling Condensate To Water Your Garden

100563533Recycling condensate is easy because most air conditioners have drainage pipes running from their refrigerated coils. All you have to do to recycle condensate is direct this drainage pipe to a water collection/storage container. If you do not plan to use this water on a daily basis, install a large container that can store a lot of water.For example, a 100-liter tank. Nevertheless, it is advisable to monitor condensate stored in tank to avoid overflows that could cause damage to your home. In addition, you may have to install a water pump if you have to drain condensate uphill. Go for a pump that can handle the amount of water you intend to pump periodically or continuously.You can use this water to irrigate your lawn, trees, flowers, or vegetables in a greenhouse. Using this type of recycling, large institutions such as colleges and hospitals could recycle millions of gallons of condensate annually.

The condensate produced by an air conditioner could be recycled and used to water trees, flowers, or lawn. Just direct the condensate from your air conditioner into a storage container such as a tank. Depending on factors such as the size of your home and air conditioning system, you could recycle up to 20 gallons of condensate per day. This recycled water would come in handy in areas where water shortages caused by drought are common.

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