The Dream World Is Yours When You Learn How To Lucid Dream


Many people haven’t heard about lucid dreaming, and that truly is a shame. A lucid dream is a vivid dream where not only do your senses feel alive almost like the dream is real, but you actually have control over your dream. While the ability to control and direct your dreams may seem like fantasy adventure or science fiction, the truth is that a little bit of practice and guidance is all you need in order to learn how to lucid dream.

The first step is conditioning yourself to be more “dream aware” or “dream conscious.” Don’t worry, this doesn’t involve anything too wild, in fact it’s really simple! Conditioning yourself means keeping a dream journal. If you suddenly wake up at night, immediately write down your dream, including as many details as possible. In the morning write down any you still remember.

This is conditioning your mind to see dreams as something to be consciously aware of. In addition to the dream journal, during the day when you have some off time feel free to day dream, but close your eyes and really focus on visualizing a dream. Focus on the dream world, on controlling yourself and where the dream goes. Think of this as exercising your dream control muscles for when you’re sleeping.

During the day close your eyes at home and visualize the room around you. Try to “see” where the furniture is through your eyelids, to get an actual sense of mass and feel. Practicing this activates areas of your brain that are active during dreaming and will once again help teach you how to control what’s happening.

Next, think of a constant “signal” so you can train yourself to know you’re dreaming. Maybe it’s a red bouncing ball or maybe a guy in a donkey costume playing drums – just something very visual that you concentrate on adding every time you daydream or visualize yourself in a room. Eventually your mind will get used to doing this on its own, and when you sleep at night you’ll get that signal so you know you’re dreaming.

Lucid dreaming is a fascinating experience, and a little practice with these steps and you’ll be able to fully immerse yourself in the dream world as well!


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